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Plumbing and air conditioning needs don’t simply vanish due to COVID-19. At Dial ONE Schilling we take your health and the health of our employees seriously and have extra measures in place to keep us all safe. The workers we send to your house are healthy and clean, as well as dedicated to leaving behind a spotless workspace.

Call us and discover for yourself the Dial ONE Schilling difference. From the moment you pick up the phone, you will be greeted in a professional, friendly manner. Free estimates and flat-rate pricing allow you to know the price up-front before the job begins.

Don’t let small problems with your plumbing and air conditioning go unchecked due to COVID-19. As we enter the summer months it’s important to make sure your cooling systems are operating 100% efficiency. When you ignore the small issues, more significant and more costly problems can pop up in the future.

Our Promise to You

With Dial ONE you can trust us to take care of you as if you were our own family. We promise to go above and beyond during this time of COVID-19 and social distancing. Don’t be miserable while you are staying-at-home. Stay cool and give us a call. Trust us to get your air condition and plumbing running smoothly again.

We promise to arrive on time, complete the work promptly, and leave the work area spotless. We will do the job right the first time, in a clean and professional manner, reducing the need to have unnecessary workers in your home. GUARANTEED!

Just a reminder. We take every measure necessary to ensure your safety and our own. If you have questions, we are more then happy to answer them. Give us a call today!

George Schilling, CEO
Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning

Customer Reviews


Top quality work by knowledgeable workers, pleasant, fast thorough.
V. Finnerty

Excellent plumber - excellent response.
B. Fitzpatrick

Both Mike and Scott were exceptionally courteous and very professional. They did an excellent job.
Chester B. Lakewood CA

Very Prompt and efficient. Will recommend to friends!
George H. Long Beach CA

Their service was prompt and they arrived when they said they would.
R. Lightcap Rossmoor, CA

I have called for services before and have always been impressed with their work as well as the clean up afterward.
Albert V. Long Beach CA

The work they did was very neat and tidy.
C. Jones Lakewood, CA

Well done on everything!
W. Nicholson Long Beach CA

George was very courteous and his service was great!
Vivian D. Seal Beach, CA

Excellent work, and friendly as well.
Eugine Y. Long Beach CA

They did great service and were fast, too.
Monica P. Long Beach CA

They did good work and I would recommend them to my friends.
E. Ward Long Beach CA

Great Work. The service technicians were friendly and fixed our problems without issue.
John N. Lakewood, CA

The Technician explained our problems thoroughly and the work was completed as requested.
Cheryl T. Long Beach CA

Good Work. Nice Guys.
J. Davis
Lakewood, CA

They were very polite, professional, and knowledgeable.
Judy H. Hawaiian Gardens CA

Company handles all our plumbing needs. Company has worked on our home exclusively for close to 25 years
Gerald M.

Saturday afternoon save. Scott saved the day. I was a bit surprised at the invoice but he knew what he was doing and it was the weekend. Sometimes having hot water is worth it. This is the second time I have used these guys and very satisfied each time.
Steve H.

Excellent analysis, solution and service. I was told that I could not have a washer and dryer in the space that was provided in my new house. The service representative carefully analyzed, solved and installed the washer and dryer effectively. The washer and dryer are working great. Thanks Dial One!!
Norman H.

Very Good All Around. Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning provided some wonderful service for me. I really appreciated that they came when they said they would and overall did a great job on the service they did. I found their employees to be very nice and easy to work with. This was only my first time using them, and I would definitely use them again!
Tybie B.

Always fantastic work. Very reliable, professional, dependable, courteous, and excellent service. I've relied on Dial One Schilling since about 2004 on various projects and repairs. Their work, without exception, has always been outstanding. It has always been of very high quality, performed in a professional and courteous manner. They have a very broad and thorough understanding of electrical, plumbing, air conditioning and other home maintenance and repair issues. Great work by great people!
Paul P.

Friendly, Quick Response Time, and Reliable. Roger S.

Clean, very professional, and thorough!! Every time we've called Dial One Schilling and had them service, they've been very good at showing up on time. They're clean, very professional, and thorough. We've had Dial One Schilling replace some plumbing under the house and put in some new piping. We have a very old house and the equipment we have is very old. Dial One Schilling helped us maintain it over the years and have done great work for us that way. We have the same, original products we bought the house with and they're in-use and usable!
Anthony Z. Long Beach CA

Responsive to my needs. I thought that the people at Dial One Schilling were very responsive to my needs. They were very knowledgeable and quick to respond when I had a problem that needed to be fixed. I'm very happy with the company Dial One Schilling and its personnel. The heater wasn't coming on when it would and Scott the furnace man figured out what the problem was and corrected it. He did have to come back out and fix it. The heater wasn't working right for a week so he came the same day I called. I would definitely recommend Dial One Schilling.
Carol B. Long Beach CA

Excellent Service & Professional Technicians. They performed major repairs and upgrades on our residential HVAC system. The system is old and requires eventual replacement. They worked very hard to restore the system to the best possible working condition until our budget will allow replacement. They were "very honest" and performed a quality diagnostic prior to starting the work. We were extremely satisfied with their service and professionalism. Their pricing is very reasonable and we felt we received appropriate service for the price. We would highly recommend them to other residents in our city.
Mark Lakewood CA

Pretty excellent. I really needed some air conditioning right away and Dial One Schilling came out the next day. They were pretty good. They fixed my air conditioning unit. I went to the Yellow Pages and Dial One Schilling was the first one I saw. I decided to choose them because I had seen their truck on the road before and remembered the truck. My experience with Dial One Schilling was pretty excellent.
Randy S. Long Beach CA

I always call Dial One Schilling when I need something. Dial One Schilling came to investigate the problem I reported to them with my heater. They analyzed it and made several recommendations. They left it to me to choose what I wanted with no coercing. We repaired and replaced a thermostat. It is working well. It works the way it is supposed to. Another problem, which they explained to me at the time, might be causing some slowness, but it works fine. I have had several experiences with Schilling, with plumbing, heating, and air, and I always call them back when I need something.
Raymond T.

Customers can really rely on Dial One Schilling. I really trust Dial One Schilling. They are always professional and on time. They do good and reliable work. I highly recommend their services. I've been very happy with the work they provide.
Georgia S. Lakewood CA

Very happy with the service. I highly recommend Dial One Schilling. Their very profession, and their work is outstanding. Was so surprised with the great service.Will definitely use them again in the future.
M. H. Lakewood CA

Shockingly good. Dial One Schilling has been the best. We have been using them for about 10 years now, and they have been very good to us. When they say they will be here, and they are here. It has been very easy working with them. We had a problem with our Central Air Conditioning unit, and they came out repaired it in a very timely manner. Then, to fault of theirs, we had to have them repair our AC unit again, and we have not had any problems since. We also use them for our plumbing. We are very pleased.
Linda S. Lakewood CA

Awesome Air Conditioning Work! I was with a friend who hired Dial One to replace their air conditioner. Dial One was professional and was honest. As it turns out, the air conditioner was able to be repaired for about $300 and did not need replaced at all. Dial One promptly informed us of the good news and did not try to force my fried to buy a new air conditioner. Dial One is honest and ethical. I highly recommend their service!Brian P. Long Beach CA

They have been excellent for heating and AC as well as plumbing. I highly recommend them to anyone, and I will continue to use them. I am always pleased with Dial One Schilling. The most recent call I made was to unstop one of my toilets. Scott came and ran a snake down it, and the whole job took just a few minutes and it was all corrected. Another recent experience I had was a repair on the internal plumbing for one of my showers. They had to go in through a closet wall to get to plumbing, and that job was completed satisfactorily. I was happy with their work. In fact, I have never had them out where they did not promptly take care of the problem. I can give them nothing but high ratings. I first called Dial One Schilling about six years ago when I had a problem with the contractor who originally installed and maintained my unit. The service was not adequate. Moisture was seeping down under the installation in the attic, and their normal maintenance technical had just looked at it a few days before a crack formed in my ceiling beneath the leak. Dial One Schilling took care of that problem and I terminated the maintenance contract with the other company to set up a new contract with Schilling. I have been with them ever since. Beyond servicing my central heating and air conditioning, they provide all plumbing services I need. And they are very accommodating in emergencies. Their service is excellent.
Juanita C. Lakewood CA

They do it right the first time. We've been using Dial One Schilling for 10 or 15 years. They do everything for us and make sure we are always up to code. Sometimes George himself comes out to check up on our house, but usually we have Mike. They are all very courteous. In over 10 years of service they have almost never had to come back to fix something. They really do excellent work. They really want to do it right the first time, and George is a task manager who wants his clients to become repeat customers. He really wants his people to do it right. If they don't feel like they will be able to accomplish a project they bring out a specialist that they know will do a good job, like when I needed re-piping. A lot of people in my neighborhood use them, and I highly recommend them, especially if you are in a hurry. If the guys are out at my house and notice something that needs to be fixed, they will fix it for me right there so that I don't need to make another appointment. They really are personable, not only with people, but with dogs as well. Dial One really has chosen good people to work with.
Wilbert & Pat L. Long Beach CA

Great Service During Emergency. I recently had a plumbing emergency and contacted Dial One Schilling after finding them on Google. They were very responsive, gave me a fair quote and got the job done quickly. The technician was courteous and professional. I have already started recommending them to my friends.
Mark W. Long Beach CA

Schilling has always given us excellent, very professional service - prompt, informative, helpful and always pleasant. I highly recommend them to friends.
K. Kirk

Our Service Man was very neat, polite, and friendly. If we have problems again, I'm sure we will call DIAL ONE.
E. Carter

Fine - professional - service - as always.
R. Jackson

Excellent work and workmanship.
Rich C. Seal Beach, CA

We are very happy. We were very pleased with our plumbers and they did a great job. I believe names were Mike and Joe. Will call again when needed.
Patricia G.

Fast, excellent service. Furnace stopped working Christmas Eve. I called early on Dec 26th and Mike was kind and professional. We had heat that same afternoon!
Susan C.

Quick Service. Scott was here within a half hour of calling. He was friendly, personable and gave good advice on how to avoid having a stoppage again. This was the 3rd time I've used Dial One and will definitely use them whenever I have a problem.
Bruce B.

Good Job. This was the first time I ever used Dial One Schilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. I needed them to do a routine check on my furnace. They did that and it's working just fine. I thought their prices were a little high. I agreed to pay them to come back automatically next fall, so I won't have to worry about it. The guy was very polite and professional. I would recommend them to other people.
Agnes C.

Very dependable and professional company. I am very please each time I called they were there and fix the problem that day and always charged only the quote price.
Marjorie S.

Good Job and Service. Did a very good job installing my heating and air conditioning unit
Donald I.

Great Service. Confidence in worker's skills
Jim H.

I've Had A Good Experience. I found out about Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning from the Yellow Pages. This company has put in a new drain for my washing machine as well as installed a new kitchen sink and faucet. Everything is satisfactory except for the sprout part of my faucet which needs some fixing but other then that I am satisfied with the results. I have notified the company and they are going to send someone out to resolve the issue. The technicians are professional, on time and neat. I would recommend this company.
Mary B.

Excellent Work. I recently used Dial One plumbing. They did a excellent job with the repairs that I required. They were on time and finished the work quickly. They also explained everything that they would do and how much it would cost.
Sandra H.

Always great work and trustworthy. Mike Mapes is a very trustworthy and competant technician. He trouble shoots and fixes problems in a timely way. Very clean and polite. Very much why I use your company.
Cheryl M.

Great work, reliable service. I am quite happy with how the work from Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Condition went. I had them come in to put in a new sink and faucet in my kitchen, the workers came out quickly and began work right away. They also put a new drain in my washing machine. All the work went very well and we haven't had any issues since. I will definitely use them again if needed, and I highly recommend their services.
Mary B.

His knowledge and experience made it a very smooth experience. Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning did a really great job because I didn't know what the problem was and I had them snake the drain and the plumber showed experience and knowledge. It was amazing! We were able to identify something wrong in the ground without even opening the ground once. We stuck a camera in and he was able to show me in the video where the problem was and it was exactly where he had said it was. So, the knowledge and experience that he had made it a very smooth experience. They are really clean, very professional, very personable and they did a great job. I will be definitely using them again.
Kevin S.

Dial One Schling. The service is excellent. They show up on time & the technicians are clean. They are not the cheapest in town but they back up their service. You can get in touch with them at any time. I highly recommend this company.
Sam D.

Knowledgeable and professional team. Took recommendation abut replacing system with a new efficient one and already have noticed a reduction in electricity usage.
Jim H.

The best. From the owner George to the techs Scott and Joe a nice experience is an understatement. Very professional, kind and honest. I highly recommend this company.
Edwin J.

Fantastic Service. You guys are the best! Your professionalism is unequaled, especially in today's environment. Thank you!
Richard T.

Knowledgeable, professional and friendly service
Laurel G.

Scott did a great job. Happy with the service and the job that was done.
Rick K.

Great Service. Great service. Was able to come out and fix air conditioner.
James S.

Wonderful. Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning fixed my air conditioning for me. I used them once maybe ten years ago so this was my second time using them. I liked that they were on time. Their service level was great and they fixed the issue. They explained the issue to me well and they did a very good job. I will definitely use them again in the future.
Andrew C.

I was satisfied with his work. Everything was excellent.
Omaha Supply

Excellent service. Very professional and courteous
Jeff S.

Great Customer Service. Contacted at 10:30 a.m. for AC repair and had a technician by 1:30 p.m. same day
Richard A.

A Very Satisfied Customer. Mike is a very honest and friendly guy. Knowledgable on product that he is recommending and service that he is rendering, and they have even cleaned the mess they've made. A very good job. Thanks guys!
Alan A.

Personnel were very well versed in the work & friendly. The work was done well, they were friendly, and efficient. They cleaned up each day - much appreciated.
Robert D.

A/C Unit Is Back To Normal. I worked with George with Dial One Schilling Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning a couple weeks ago to have an A/C unit installed. I wasn't at the jobsite while they did the repair and I haven't checked inside the unit to see if the job was fully completed but it works great so I assume the service went very well! The process was smooth and they had very good customer service over the phone.
Richard F.

Maintenance service quick and easy. Mike came to my home in the morning of the only day in the week I would be available, rearranging his schedule to accommodate mine. He is always professional, courteous and offers understandable explanations to my questions about my heating and AC system. He quickly fixed the issue I had and was on his way. This company is the best I've ever had in terms of service and attitude.
Jeff T.

Great Service. Scott was very professional and prompt
Jim H.

Great Service. The people we work with communicate with call us before coming here and up to date on our service. Great people.
Donald I.

Excellent Service. The plumbers that work for Dial One always show up on time & complete the assigned tasks expeditiously. They are not the cheapest plumbers in tow now but they always do the work correctly & guarantee their work.
Sam D.

Friendly and coooperative. I have been working with you for awhile. Good service and very friendly.
Richard M.

Polite And Friendly. When I was having issues with my sewer, I decided to contact Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. They installed a sewer clean-out for me. They came quickly and did an estimate for me. I really appreciate how good their communication was. They really made sure to explain everything for me. The people I worked with there were really polite and friendly. Great work!
Julia G.

Dial One Schilling. We have consistently used Dial One Schilling for HVAC and plumbing needs for many years and have never had a complaint. Great people, great service!
Roy L.

Outstanding solution to my a/c problem. George and his technicians Mike and Joe responded exceptionally quickly to my a/c dying during the recent heat wave. Another company told me it would be a full week before they could even get someone out to look at it. Dial ONE got someone out the very day I called. And, got the whole thing fixed in a satisfactory way within 3 days. Professional attitude and knowledge, superb service. Thank you, Dial ONE Schilling!
Jeff T.

PROFESSIONAL & FRIENDLY When I initially call in, George is a calming and friendly voice to start the service. Scott and Joe are great. I have had previous service from Scott and he is always friendly and professional. Scott thought ahead for us and made great suggestions for my eighty-nine year young mother's bathroom. I was overwhelmed so his suggestions were much appreciated. Joe is always cleaning up so the rooms are clear of debri. You don't always find such great service with other companies. This is our go to company for all plumbing needs.
Susan B. Long Beach CA

In my opinion Schilling Dial One plumbing is the best plumbing, heating, and air conditioning service company in the area.
Sam D. Lakewood CA

Knowledgeable and Professional Team. Mike and Joe were respectful of my house and myself. Very polite, explained options thoroughly.
Jim H. Long Beach CA

Very satisfied. Technician was prompt, friendly, and professional. This was the second time I had used Dial One and would definitely use them again. I would definitely recommend them.
Bruce B. Long Beach CA

Excellent service and quality work. We had Dial One Shilling Plumbing fix several things around our home. Scott did a great job on all of the projects and we are very happy with his work. The jobs were clean and things looked good from a cosmetic point of view. We will continue to call them when we have plumbing issues.
Kathleen C. Long Beach CA

Good Service
Trans Ocean Carrier, Inc S. Long Beach CA

Great People. We love these guys, they respond quickly, they do the work and clean up after themselves and have fair prices. Once they have fixed the problem, we have never had to call them out for the same problem again!
Barbara P. Long Beach CA

Got the job done! Scott was great, when I need help again I will ask for Scott!!
Rick K. Lakewood CA

Excellent. The personnel are always courteous and professional. They show up on time ready to complete the scheduled job. We always use them. I highly recommend them.
Wayne D. Lakewood CA

Prompt and Reliable. No one likes to spend money on home repairs but Dial One made the experience a bit less painful by their prompt service and great attitude. Would highly recommend them.
Jo M. Seal Beach, CA

They did a good job. This was my first time using Dial One. They put an outside sewer drain in the front yard of my home. They were courteous and did a good job.
Ron W. Long Beach CA

Scott is awesome! I just got to tell you Scott is freaking amazing! he has been out to my house like I want to say four times and every time hehas found what is wrong and has fixed it!you don't know how many guys we went through before we got to Scott who actually knew what he was doing!I honestly think he deserves a raise!
Jennifer B. Lakewood CA

Scott and Joe were on time, serfvice was excellent. They explained everything they were doing. Fast, efficient and super nice. Best service call I have ever experienced. I will use them again for sure. They were very professional and explained everything. Scott and Joe were on time, super nice and I felt I could trust anything they said. Bet service call I have ever experienced.
Penny F. Long Beach CA

Perfect Timing. This is my second service with Dial One. I called, they came - right away. The service was not only professional, but they are good at what they do. Thanks Mike!
Sherri C. Long Beach CA

We are absolutely happy! We've used Dial ONE as our heating and A/C people for 25 years. When we decided to do some small remodeling, they told us they could do it. The installed new lighting in the kitchen, patched an old stove vent, took some paneling and put in dry wall where it needed to be put. They put on a new surface and painted over it so they did some wall work as well as some electrical work so the lighting was fresh and brighter.
Sharon C. Lakewood CA

Best home-care repair service I have ever been a party of in some 70 years, and I'm 91 years old! Dial One Schilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning was the greatest company I have ever experienced. Having never used them before, I was impressed initially with the fact that they were very business-like and willing to listen to my problem with the bathroom plumbing -- which is why I called them. They had excellent ideas of what could be done to overcome the plumbing problems and quite willing to also listen to my ideas. We quickly came to an arrangement to what it would cost and I was pleased with the initial contact. I couldn't believe my good fortune!
Richard B. Long Beach CA

Scott an Toby were given a difficult job of finding a buried sewer drain that involved the neighbrs sewer drain. He never gave up, and finally solved the problem. I higly recommed them. Great job!
Wade A. Long Beach CA

Great Job. This job of fixing my heating system and a few plumbing valve changes were done to my total satisfaction. Scott and his team (both Joe and Tobey) explained things well and worked fast and were very thorough. I have used Scott many times and am always happy with the results. I trust him with all my plumbing and heating problems. Good work guys.
Dan Kean Long Beach CA

Great Service!!! Scott was professional and very good at communicating. He explained thoroughly how our furnace worked and what components might be problems later on in the future. Great work!!!
Vinh P. Seal Beach, CA

No Heat. Scott and Joe were courteous, professional and clean. Paula was both efficient and thorough. They worked around our schedule on a Saturday to make sure our heater was working properly. Long Beach was actually having a cold and rainy spell, so we were very pleased to have some warmth in the house.
Stacie H. Long Beach CA

Dial ONE provided exceptional service in fixing my heater. Scott (Dial ONE Representative) performed a thorough diagnosis of the issue, followed up as promised and made the necessary correction as well as provided advice on operating our system. Thank you Scott for providing excellent service. Much appreciated!
Lori D. Lakewood CA

Fully satisfied. Scott and Tobey did an excellent job installing my pipes and water heater. Very professional, quick and .tidy. Everything works fine. No leaks, and they didn't leave a mess.
Larry B. Lakewood CA

Great service. The service technician showed up at the agreed to time and we are very satisfied with the work. Good Service
John C. Lakewood CA

Great service. Very fast response, professional demeanor, excellent service - highly recommended Good Service
Ken K. Long Beach CA

Professionalism has always been #1. I have never been more satisfied with the service than I have been with the guys. I have had service from them for more than 20 years, and they are almost like family to us.Good Service
Robert B. Cerritos CA

Saved me a lot of time. The guy that I talked to saved me a lot of future headaches and a lot of time. Scott from Dial ONE was really good with out consultation on the air conditioning (a circuit blew out). I had called the phone number and the lady there told me that a technician would be contacting me shortly after. Scott called within five minutes and he gave me the answers that I needed.
Tim S. Long Beach CA

Trustworthy, efficient, and not worried about getting their hands dirty to fix the problem. Thank you. Will use again.
Marisa M. Long Beach CA

They did great work and gave me many options to get my problem fixed.
John H. Long Beach CA

George was very professional and explained everything thoroughly.
Dan F.
Lakewood, CA

George was very professional.
Keri R. Long Beach CA

Your employees provided very prompt, professional, and informative service.
Betty H. Long Beach CA

Inncredible Service. No hot water! I called at 10 in the morning and we had a new water heater by 3 in the afternoon. The office was courteous, friendly and efficient. Mike was amazing. Completely and absolutely satisfied!
Charles F. Lakewood CA

Many Problems Solved with Expertise. Several plugged drains cleared. Fireplace connected. None of these issues were straight forward. They were completed with care.
Norm H. Los Alamitos, CA

Pleasant, no-pressure approach. More than happy with them! I recently contacted Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to come out and look at my furnace that was acting up. They left one of their stickers with their phone number on the furnace when they were here four or five years ago working on my air conditioner. As I recalled, it was a good experience so I called them again. Their employees were extremely pleasant to deal with. They were knowledgeable and very willing to present me with options. I could either repair the old furnace, or replace it - and they gladly laid out the choices I had available to me. They presented the alternatives in a no-pressure manner, and that really impressed me. I really appreciated that sort of approach. I was more than happy with Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, and have already recommended them to a neighbor who is having problems with his furnace.
Charles L. Long Beach CA

5 Star All The Way. Mike and his partner replaced my heater in attic in a professional and timely manner and in some instances going beyond there call of duty. Thanks again guys.
James A. Long Beach CA

Excellent Service. On time.Gave an estimate will walk through details including different options to solve your needs and fit in your budget.Workers were pleasant and worked in a timely manner.Clean up was amazing. everything was cleaned and left in an orderly manner.Will definitely call them again
Jennifer H. South Gate CA

They knew what was needed, got the part, and repaired the shower quickly. They knew what was needed, got the material, and completed the repair quickly.
Robert D. Long Beach CA

Excellent Service. Prompt response, nice guys, job done quickly, correctly and professionally. Highly recommend.
Susan C. Long Beach CA

Good Experience. I have used Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning in the past. They do what I ask them to do and they do it well. I continue to use them because of this one fact!
Mike R. Long Beach

Terrific Customer Service. Mike with Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning was very knowledgeable about what he is doing. He fixed a bathroom vanity sink that was leaking back into the wall. He had to go in the wall and underneath the house to fix it. He never missed a beat to get this job done. He was very clean in his work and explained everything as he went. He absolutely knew what he was doing! Everything has turned out really well and most importantly the leak has not returned! Very satisfied!
Eddie L. Long Beach

Very Efficient. Gave me a quote on my central heat, fixed the problem, very satisfied.
Valerie B. Carson CA

Excellent Service. Excellent service as always. I have used there service for many years and have always been impressed with there service.
Aqua G. Signal Hill CA

New Toilet, Sink, Lights. Mike did a fantastic job! We are very pleased. He and his helper Joe put in a new toilet downstairs and new sink and bathroom cabinet upstairs. He also fixed a broken handle and gave us a new light fixture, plus other enhancements for our bathroom. We feel like we have a new bathroom. Thanks!
Debbie S. Cypress CA

Awesome. I have consdiered Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning my contractor of choice when it comes to air and heating for well over three to four years now. I really trust what they do. This last time they were out they troubleshot and isolated my problem with my air conditioning unit. It turned out to be a conductor issue, and we both found out at the same time when we found ice that was developing in the back of the unit itself. They are very thorough. Scott, the tech, is a good dude. He's just a really good man. He's very funny, very detailed, and I consider him an expert in his field. I just really do like Scott. I rate it a 10+ for my total overall experience!
Eric W. Lakewood CA

Great Service. Replaced an old water heater. The work was done in a timely manner and the two guys handling the job were nice to work with.
John C. Lakewood CA

Definitely recommend. They take great care of our old system. They are always like on time and take good care of our very old system in my mom's house
Linda E. Long Beach CA

I will definitely use dial One again when needed. I was totally satisfied with the service from Dial one the Reps of the company Scott & Joe was very qualified, friendly and courteous,They explained what they had to do and why they had to do it that way and the job was completed at the time they said it would be.
Lewie W. Cerritos CA

Excellent Service. Dial One schilling plumbing is very professional. They are not the cheapest plumbing contractor in the area but I think they are the best and they always back up their work.
Sam D. Lakewood CA

Prompt. good help. George Schilling was prompt, came the same day, did the work needed and was very pleasant. Am glad I asked him service an air conditioner he installed 4 years ago. Will always go back to good service people.
Kay P. Cerritos CA

Noisy Sprinklers. I have used Dial One for several things and each time they have been excellent and very professional. My last problem was our sprinklers and Don came out and, as always, fixed the problem. This is a company you can trust. Mic F. Long Beach CA

Slow Drains, Garage, and through the house. Sewer Smell. Mike and Joe were really great. Mike explained why we were having trouble, what it would take to fix it now, and what we could do to help prevent it from happening in the future. Really appreciate the helpful, friendly service, not to mention that the issue was taken care of before they left and the house is free of odor! Thanks Schilling Dial One
Diane S. Long Beach CA

Honest, Knowledgeable, Quick. My air went out, the fan screamed instead of turning on, in the middle of heat wave on a Saturday. I’m 75 YO woman. I have a broken wrist in a cast (which I say to explain typeos etc) . I researched all new air conditioner, settled ok a Train, and began calling repair people hoping it might be repaired. I called 2 plumbers and the first time either could be here is two weeks from now. So I called dial one schilling. Scott was 15 minutes away; it was already 90 degrees. I crossed my fingers. It took Scott 45 minutes to find the problem, explain the problem, explain the possible fixes, suggest best fix, explain the fixes again and again, and then fix the problem. I worried about the fixes the days go by I notice that not only does the fan turn on but it is smooth now ; it no longer turns on an off every 20 minutes and the cooling now reaches upstairs evenly, smoothly. Thanx Scott
Starling W. Long Beach CA

AC not Cooling. The AC unit would run but was not cooling the house. Mike and Joe came out and did some troubleshooting of the unit and found several issues. Over a couple of days they repaired the 6 year-old unit and it works great. We were very impressed with their professionalism and customer service focus. I highly recommend them and will definitely call Dial One Schilling again. Mike and Joe were the best!
Rich S. Lakewood CA

Good. . . Very Good Service
Bruce F. Long Beach CA

Air Conditioner Repair. Dial One Shilling Plumbing was very responsive to my request to examine our A/C unit, locate the problem and then fix the problem. Thank you!!!
Jerry W. Lakewood CA

Did a great job checking out the things I was worried about. Checked out the air conditioner, the filter, the 220 wiring and the furnace filter!!! Great job.
Dan W. Los Alamitos

Excellent Service. Quick and professional service. Got my AC back up and running.
R. S. Long Beach CA

Unexpected problem solved in 1-day. With company due, toilet suddenly broke. Called Dial One Schilling and they picked up new appropriate size toilet, removed old, installed new all in 1-day - Awesome!
Theresa L. Long Beach CA

Really great work. I have used Dial One plumbing several times and they are the best. They always show up on time do a fantastic job and explain everything in detail of what they can do to fix any plumbing problem. If you have any plumbing issues call Dial One plumbing.
Sandra H. Long Beach CA

I'm so HAPPY. Many Thanks to Dial One for fixing my AC. My technician Scott was very professional, friendly, and explained everything very clearly what needed to be done. I'm very happy with their service and will recommend them to my friends and neighbors. Thanks Dial One! Martee Long Beach
Martee. N. Long Beach CA

Reliable, honest and fair. I have been using this company for years to handle heating and AC needs at my home and rental properties. They are terrific to work with and I have referred friends to them. Susan & Bruce G. Long Beach

Great Customer Service. We have been doing business with Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning for quite a while now and we have had nothing but positive results from them. I have primarily used them for maintenance and servicing of the units in our home. Whenever we have any issues, I give them a call and they are able to quickly get to our home in a matter of days to quickly figure out what is going wrong. They answer any questions we ask them and really communicate well throughout any process. I wouldn't use anyone else!
John B. Long Beach CA

Responsive and Professional. Dial One Schilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning did a great job. I had problems with my very old heating unit and called Dial One Schilling. They were very responsive to my call and were easy to schedule with. They came out the same day to look at the unit and decided to replace it. It took them two days to finish the job and the installation went smoothly. They also installed an air conditioning unit and did a great job. Everything has been working properly. The technicians were professional, courteous, and pleasant to work with. I liked that they kept me updated on what was happening and also informed be before they were going to arrive. I had no problems with the service and am happy with how everything turned out. I recommend Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning and will use them again in the future.
Elona F. Long Beach CA

Outstanding service. We have been using Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing for all our heating, airconditioning and plumbing needs for the last 29 years. In that time they have always gone the extra mile to insure the jbs were done correct.
Sandra B. Long Beach CA

Great communication and speed service. Fantastic cost, and outstanding service
Mike W. Huntington Beach CA

Extremely pleased. Service was great. There was no mess after they left. They gave me helpful hints to minimize a recurrence of the kitchen clog.
Linda P. Lakewood CA

Excellent. Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning provides excellent work. They have been servicing my air conditioning unit, and my plumbing needs, for 14 years now. Due to allergies, I needed an air filter system, but it was challenging to find a company that would do it, because they said it was almost impossible. My boss recommended the company to me, and they were the ones that made it happen. I was pleased that they did it, and I've been using them ever since, to service my air filter unit. They are professional, clean up after themselves, and they know what they're doing. They even took care of the plumbing when I remodeled the kitchen. They coordinated with the stone workers to make sure nothing conflicted, and it made the remodel really smooth. I would recommend them to others.
D. Trujillo Tustin CA

Professional and dependable. We have been using this company for decades and have always been pleased with their service.
Susan & Bruce G. Long Beach CA

5 Star Service Patricia D. Long Beach CA

Great Customer Service. Dial One Schilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning did a great job. I loved that they were really responsive. There was always someone that answered the phone and they were always informative. I was always happy with their answers to my questions. They were quick to give me an estimate when I requested one and conducted business honestly. All the employees were professional, courteous, and pleasant to work with. I have no complaints and am happy with the service. I would absolutely recommend Dial One Schilling and will definitely use them again in the future.
Julie B. Long Beach CA

Good Service
Jim H. Long Beach CA

Great Professionals. Mike my plumber and Joe his assistant were the best. Neat, clean and professional .
Cleo H. Lakewood CA

Great Service. Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has great service. I have used them for about five years and I have always been pleased. They are very responsive to my calls and always come out the day that I need them. The technicians conduct business professionally, work efficiently, and are pleasant to work with. I have no major complaints and I am happy with the work that they do for me. I would recommend them and will definitely continue to use them in the future.
Jo C. Long Beach CA

Execellent Work & Professional Attitiudes. I have been using guys for almost 10 years. They show up on time, they do the work and explain to you exactly what they are doing and how much it will cost. They will recommend work that may be done in the future. The best part is they leave your home clean, with everything you called them on, working!
Mick F. Long Beach CA

Very professional - Scott. Scott & John were great. detailed the work to be performed and worked in an organized fashion. The cost seemed a bit high for the work required but they did do good work.
Rob B. Cerritos CA

Knew about radiant heating and figured out the problem. The technician knew what my problem was and offered several ways to fix it. He was polite and friendly.
Susan Mac V. Long Beach CA

Excellent service. They were on time, experienced and they fixed my plumbing issue right away.
Sandra H. Long Beach

Great Work. I recently went to Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to have some repairs done on the air conditioner in my home and was very pleased with how well the services from them went. The people who came out to do the work were very courteous and professional while they were here and were able to quickly and easily get the repairs done. All in all, I am very pleased with how well the work from Dial One Schilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning went, I would highly recommend their services.
June G. Long Beach CA

Superior +. Very efficient professional manner and service.
Diane C. Long Beach CA

Fast and professional. Fast and professional service. Nice to work with the same individuals when a service call is needed.
Kevin C. Signal Hill CA

Excellent Work. Got there on short notice, work was done quick clean and on time.
Frank A. Lakewood CA

Reliable and Dependable. I have been using the services of Dial One Schilling for nearly 20 years and have always found that I can rely on them to be at the appointments made and I can depend on the work completed to be functioning in top form. Dial One has serviced my central air, installed the plumbing when I have done bathroom and kitchen remodels and have also done top-notch service when I have need them for my business.
John W. Long Beach CA

Outstanding Service. Mike is always professional and courteous. He was able to install an In Sink Erator for me on the spot. I always call Dial One with my condo plumbing needs.
Karen R. Long Beach CA

Great workers and efficient. Knowledgeable. Very good and helpful.
Robert D. Long Beach CA

Great Service. The technician showed up on time & finished the work expeditiously. I only use Dial One Schilling for my plumbing needs.
Sam Dodds Lakewood CA

Best in the business. We have used Dial One several times and every time they come, they do good work and they clean up after themselves. They let us know ahead of time what the cost will be and if something comes up while they are working, they will make sure we know what is happening. I really love this company and all of the workers who have come here.
Susan P. Long Beach CA

Wonderful Customer Service. My wife and I have been using Dial ONE Shilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for at least five years, now. They have wonderful customer service, and have been consistently reliable, as a company. They're incredibly friendly, and my wife and I are on a first name basis with them, now. I use them at both of my houses, and really appreciate the quality of service that they offer. They're communicative, and make suggestions, but always leave the final decision up to us. I appreciate their work and the effort they put into customer service. Very satisfied with this company!
Randy T. Long Beach CA

Great Job. The service tech did a great job communicated clearly and listen to our ideas as well. Great help!
Cambodian Association Of America Long Beach CA

Great Air Consitioning & Heating Service. Techs showed respect for house and did a great maintenance check
Jim H. Long Beach CA

The serviceman was polite, efficient and helpful. Now my heater and air conditioner works correctly again. The serviceman fixed the problem; changed out the filter plus worked on the plumbing (toilet).
Kelly J.

I thought that Mike did a very good job, and I would recommend him. I would like him the next time I have service because I think they also do plumbing. I really like Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning's work. They installed a new air conditioner on the wall, and I thought it was very good. The weather turned cool, but that's OK: I'll use it, and I'm glad I got it. Also, I thought Mike was very good. I liked everything he did, and I was very happy. it worked out very well--and the price was fine!
Juanita S.

These are the people you want to call, hands down. Seems like every time we get a heat spell, my old AC system breaks down for one reason or another. And every time, without fail, Dial ONE shows up so fast and fixes the problem so easily and quickly that I am amazed. Professional, courteous, and always with expert knowledge and they leave my house looking cleaner than when they arrived. And they always charge a fair price. Don't even think about using anyone else!
Jeff T.

Scott was Great. Scott provided useful information re: possible future repairs. What was disappointing was no quote for work was given ahead of time which is advertised. Even with $25 discount ( thank you) $ 70 was a little steep for clearing a toilet.
Theresa S.

Great Service. Dial ONE Schilling Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has great service. They installed new heating and air conditioning units for me and did a great job. I am happy with the work that they do and I have had no problems with their services. The pricing was reasonable and I would continue to use them in the future.
Fletcher P.

Overall very pleased with the service. All was done in a professional manner.
David A.

All three items taken care of. Thank you Dial One team for taking such good care of us. We have been customers for many years and you have always been professional, taken care of issues and cleaned up.
Roy L.

Super Efficient. Always polite, on time, trustworthy, fair in pricing
Cheryl M.

Dependable outfit. These plumbers give great service
Steve A.

I did not expect such excellent same day service!
Alice T.
Lakewood, CA

Good service - will use again if needed.
Mario B. Long Beach CA

All repairs are working fine. I had to rush to repair the furnace to get heat in the cold weather.
Mary R.Long Beach CA

They were very responsive to our requests.
Lyman S.
Lakewood, CA

Their knowledge of my repair work was excellent.
Eileen G.Long Beach CA

Mike was fast, knowledgeable, and friendly.
Lee B.
Harbor City, CA

I am very satisfied with the work done.
Carmen R.
Cerritos, CA

Mike did a wonderful job! He explained everything thoroughly and finished the job quickly!
Kate T.Long Beach CA

Excellent work all around -- I would recommend, gladly!
Liz N.
Lakewood, CA

They were extremely honest and fair in their pricing and evaluation of the problem.
Joe P.Long Beach CA

A job well done at a fair price.
Russell H.
Bellflower, CA

I was very pleased with the response time and the work quality
Dan S.Long Beach CA

Great work!
Michael H.
Redondo Beach, CA

These guys are the best! I've used them on multiple occasions and they never fail to deliver great service at a fair price.
Mark W.
Signal Hill, CA

The technician was very nice and helpful. He took time to explain the problem and was very efficient.
Mary H.
Lakewood, CA

Work was done very well and they were very friendly.
Hans B.Long Beach CA

Good Service - will use again when needed.
Mrs. B
Lakewood, CA

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